Fiber Glass Systems is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of corrosion resistant fiberglass reinforced pipe and Fittings. As the world leader in fiberglass reinforced composite piping, FGS has manufactured piping systems for corrosive applications since 1948. FGS is the only manufacturer to offer both centrifugally cast and filament wound piping. These piping systems are available in vinyl ester and epoxy resins with a broad range of corrosion resistance and physical properties. No other company manufactures more sizes of FRP composite piping than FGS. The wide selection of products and services allows you, the customer, to select the best and most economical piping system for your requirements.

Pipe products range from 1” to 72” diameter based on application with a wide selection of fittings available. Our piping systems employ a variety of epoxy and vinyl ester resins. Coupled with six joining systems, this ensures precision installation, optimum systems performance and unmatched ease of assembly.

Why FGS is the world leader in composite piping:

First and only manufacturer to offer both centrifugally cast and filament wound FRP pipe – 1948 & 1966

First producer of centrifugally cast FRP pipe – 1948

First to produce machine-made fiberglass chemical process piping – 1948

First to produce downhole fiberglass tubing – 1948

First to manufacture machine-made fiberglass composite pipe – 1948

First in quality, maintaining a dedicated employee team, trained and equipped to provide quality products and services of competitive value and to develop new products that best serve customers’ needs

First in customer service, responding to customer needs in a prompt, courteous and professional manner

First to offer a user-friendly socket system – 1054

First to establish ASTM standards for FRP products (ASTM 1694) – 1959

First to produce compression molded fittings

First to produce machine-made vinyl ester FRP piping – 1966

First to offer complete engineering design assistance of FRP piping systems – 1967

First to offer computerized flexibility analysis on fiberglass pipe – 1075

First to utilize acoustic emission testing on composite piping – 1983

First to offer centrifugally cast, abrasion resistant piping – 1987

First to offer vinyl ester and epoxy quick set adhesives – 1987

First to produce an integral FRP double-containment fitting – 1989