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TASK-LINE (a division of Andronaco Industries)

TASK-LINE gaskets and grounding paddles, by Andronaco Industries, are design for maximum corrosion protection. Through a proprietary process, FDA approved, pure virgin PTFE resin is compression molded around and through a 304 stainless steel, perforated metal insert. After oven sintering, every gasket undergoes a 15,000-volt spark test to check for pinholes. The porous-free PTFE resin 100% encapsulates the stainless insert, isolating it from any fluid contact while in service.

TASK-LINE gaskets are molded to size, 1/2” through 24” in class 150# and 300# ANSI ratings with a nominal thickness of 1/8” or 3/32” (other thicknesses available). Installation is quick and simple. TASK-LINE gaskets are self-aligning and seat easily to any flange in almost any condition.

TASK-LINE gaskets have a temperature range of cryogenic to 400°F (consult factory for higher temperatures) and are chemically resistant to: all acids, all chlorides, all sulfates, all bleach solutions, all solvents, all phenols, all caustics, and all peroxides. TASK-LINE gaskets are leak-free and bubble-tight and can be used over and over without sacrificing sealing ability. TASK-LINE gaskets have zero corrosion rates which contribute to lower life-cycle costs when compared to envelope or solid gasket types.

In terms of performance and longevity, nothing comes close. When installed between two flanges, the PTFE-encapsulated metal insert restricts the PTFE from cold flow/creep while under load. The metal insert prevents radial flow of the gasket which eliminates bolt retorquing after installation, maintaining a tight seal even through repeated temperature cycles. The strength of the metal insert also provides critical, blowout-proof protection. Another benefit of TASK-LINE gaskets is the PTFE’s non-stick property which allows it to easily release from flanges during disassembly without any scraping.

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