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ChemValve offers lined plug and check valves in a wide variety of sizes and lining materials. Both valve styles offer injection-molding linings, which enables ChemValve to mechanically lock in the liners, whereas other designs use expanded-tube linings, which can create thin spots and stress concentrations. ChemValve’s method produces a consistent, predictable lining thickness very resistant to mechanical and vacuum stresses.

  • Available in 1″-8″ sizes
  • ANSI Class 150 raised-face flanged end connection
  • Available in Polypropylene, Kynar® (PVDF), FEP-Teflon®, PFA-Teflon®, and GRPFA liner materials
  • Rated at 275 PSIG up to 100°F, and 150 PSIG up to the temperature capability of the liner
  • Rated for full vacuum service
  • Adjustable Chevron PTFE packing
  • Replaceable ball-valve style seats which take the wear off of the plug, and give the added benefit of a plug valve with lower turning torques than comparable valves, and replaceable without ever taking the valve out of the pipeline
  • Simple valve and packing adjustment using just a pair of pliers.. no special tools or training required
  • Thicker plastic liners, 0.125 inches minimum
  • Longer service life
  • Wide range of actuation options available
  • Acrylic primer external finish standard, other coatings available

For more information, please visit ChemValve.