Corrosion Control
with Non-Metallics

Cortrol Process Systems, Inc. was incorporated in 1979 to bring non-metallic corrosion resistant products to industry. Since then Cortrol has expanded these products to water and waste treatment and utility process water applications wherever rugged dependable service  is needed.


Cortrol Process Systems

Incorporated 1979

Cortrol Process Systems,  Inc. was incorporated in 1979 to provide corrosion resistant products to  the chemical process industry.

Full Line of Corrosion Control Products

Cortrol has expanded to offer a full line of corrosion control products,  including: fiberglass pipe and fittings, fiberglass basket strainers,  floor coatings, tanks, pumps, valves, duct, custom fabrications, lined  steel pipe and fittings, lined steel pumps, lined steel valves, lined  steel tanks, Teflon and elastomer expansion joints, thermoplastic pipe and  fittings, pipe hangers, piping system accessories, dual-laminate piping  systems and tanks, polyethylene and polypropylene tanks, lined steel  process equipment and tanks, flexible drop-in linings, field services for  installation and repair, fiberglass buildings and doors, fiberglass weirs  and baffle plates, fiberglass grating and structural shapes, and trench  drain systems.

Highest Quality

Cortrol is very pleased to offer only the products and services of industry leaders and who provide the  highest quality, backed by integrity, superior workmanship and product warranties.

Stocking Distributor

Cortrol is a stocking distributor for nearly all of our manufacturers, and we have three warehouses strategically located to serve our geography; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Grandview, Missouri; and El Dorado, Arkansas.

Products we work with: