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Media Valve Company

The Mosites Butterfly Valve was first manufactured in 1961 as part of a product line of corrosion/erosion resistant rubber products made by Mosites Rubber Company of Ft. Worth, Texas. Incorporated in 1968 as Media Valve Company, our design concept of bonded elastomeric lined surfaces affords the end user an economical means of complete isolation of flow stream contaminants.

Our close association with Mosites Rubber Company assures us of constant access to the highest quality elastomeric compounds. Only foundry castings, miscellaneous steel parts and automation devices are supplied by outside vendors. All of the elastomeric compounds used by Media Valve Company are custom blended and compounded in our own facilities in Ft. Worth.

A large inventory of raw body castings is maintained for immediate production. Our modern, air conditioned manufacturing facility houses state-of-the-art machining and molding equipment. In strict accordance with the highest quality standards, every Mosites Butterfly Valve is subjected to applicable hydrostatic seat seal and shell test requirements.

At Media Valve Company we have a resolute commitment to servicing our customers’ needs and we believe in the absolute value of our products.

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